The Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs : Thank you,!

Readings of some of the greatest imaginative fiction ever written. Edgar Rice Burroughs, best known for his creation of Tarzan of the Apes, was a prolific author of what would come to be known as "science fiction" or "swords and sorcery." Accomplished film and TV actor David Stifel is your narrator and host. Join us for the adventures of a lifetime!

Thank you,!

A great and grand THANK YOU! to Jesse Willis and the folks at I had the pleasure to be asked to participate in a roundtable online discussion of Burroughs and A Princess of Mars. The 75 minute discussion was great fun to be in - and I was proud to trot out my copious ERB research and knowledge for these guys. Their receptivity to my work here is deeply appreciated.  The roundtable discussion can be found at . If you have trouble finding where to actually listen to the discussion, it's at the very bottom of the page, after all the illustrations. If you really can't find it, here's a direct link to the mp3 file itself

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